Leihe dir hier deine Lupit Pole Premium Crash Mat aus für den Heimgebraucht. Abzuholen im NORDpole Studio in Hamburg (Auswahl zwischen 3 oder 6 Monaten).


ab 3 Monaten: 25 € pro Monat (monatlich zahlbar)

ab 6 Monaten: 19 € pro Monat  (monatlich zahlbar)


Eine Verlängerung ist jederzeit nach Absprache möglich.


"All the crash mats measures 1500mm /4ft 11in in diameter. 

It covers a wider area around the pole, large enough to catch you in case you fall off the pole. 
Lupit pole offers 8cm (recommended for BASIC LEVEL) and 12cm (recommended for INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED LEVEL) thickness options you can choose from. 

These sizes are sure to provide an additional layer of security to pole dancers. The mat as a whole is made of top-quality materials that passed rigorous testing. The underside of the crash mat is made of anti-slip fabric to make sure it doesn’t move around during use.

The Lupit Pole Crash Mat has a foldable design for quick setup. Handles are stitched on the mat for optimized portability."

LUPIT POLE - Crash Mat - Monatsmiete

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